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Dustin Schulte

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Personal Training

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                    Orlando, FL

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Ales R.
New York, NY

I worked out with Dustin in Summer and I am happy to recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced personal trainer, especially if the word 'personal' is important to you. Dustin is interested in your work-out goals, listens well to you as a client, and then tailors the work-out sessions to make sure they help you achieve the goals. He is a great trainer both in the gym and outside -- we worked out outside in summer and Dustin was great in showing me how to use my own bodyweight to get in better shape. He is a nice guy and fun to talk to which makes the exercising fun and entertaining. I tried a few trainers and personally appreciate if you can talk to them about other things beyond just muscles and protein shakes. I also liked that Dustin was super flexible when it comes to scheduling our sessions - he always tried to accommodate me and my schedule. Thumbs up!

Kimberly S.
Brooklyn, NY

Dustin excels at personal training. He works with you to find your strengths and weaknesses and creates a routine that gets the job done. His sessions are never boring. A bonus is that he is such a great guy, and easy to talk to. He makes you feel comfortable right away. I highly recommend him.

Will G.
Bronx, NY

For my first time using a personal trainer I didn't know what to expect but Dustin at 0123 Fitness was a perfect start. Dustin is always about helping you reach your goals, tailor your workout for you, and give you the feedback you would want. Great trainer and look forward to working with him more!

Jennifer S.
Manhattan, NY

Just wanted to share my good news. Working consistently with 0123fitness for a month and lost 5 lbs. yay me. Thank you, Dustin.

Stephanie B.
Holbrook, NY

Dustin is hands down the best! I went to him about a year before my wedding. I walked in a skinny fat weak woman who was always embarrassed to work out and had zero confidence in herself in that regard and I walked out a strong, confident woman who could squat over 150!! My body totally changed thanks to Dustin's knowledge and education. He pushed me even when I said I couldn't because he know what my body was capable of, and he also knew when we had reached my limits. He was fun and easy to talk to and really knows the science behind the muscle and the exercise. I told him what I wanted and what I didn't want and he worked to help me achieve my goals. He is a class act and a master at his craft!

Johannes L.
Manhattan, NY

He always asks you what your fitness goal is, fully respects it, and helps with it instead of bluntly pushing you. As someone who doesn't appreciate unreasonable forceful nature from anyone, his approach worked so well for me in the long run. It did pleasantly transform my body and I can't thank him enough!

Haley B.
New York, NY

I was introduced to Dustin through a free PT session after I joined a local gym. As someone that was just beginning my fitness journey, I was very nervous. Dustin immediately eased my concerns. He was kind and took the time to listen to my concerns and give advice even though it was just a free session. I was impressed by his knowledge and demeanor and I decided to continue training with Dustin 3 times a week for about six months until he moved to another location. I was sad to see him go. Dustin was the best personal trainer that I have ever worked with. He gets results while still making the workout enjoyable. Even when I wasn't really feeling it at the beginning, I would feel great and accomplished by the end. He pushes and motivates his clients to do their best both in and outside of the gym.

Erin R.
New York, NY

Dustin is the only one who was able to help me loose weight and tone up. His targets are unique and it doesn't hurt that he makes it incredibly fun.
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