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Dustin Schulte

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Tips for Reaching your goals
-Make sure to always have a time bound and realistic goal for yourself.

-Be consistent with your workouts, if you don't stress your muscles, your body won't change.

-Look at the fitness goals you have achieved, no matter how small.

-You should be exhausted at the end of your workout, this is the best way to burn fat.
-Stretch after a workout, and at least once per day, to be most flexible.

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My Personal Fitness
I am currently working on building up to doing more than 3 sets of 8 wide pullups. This will give me more definition in my back and make my chest less tight.

I have been working on straight or stiff legged deadlifts for the past 6 months. I have also added in stretching daily of my hamstrings. This has has helped me a lot with tightness and pain in the back of my leg.